Thinking Smart Toolkit Beta

Thanks for accepting to participate in this EU-wide survey. With your precious help, we will extend our database of (anonymous) respondents and formulate critical hypotheses on the current and prospective alignment of your own institution to the regional/national smart specialisation framework.

No personal data will be collected or stored during or after the compilation of this questionnaire and the feedback you will receive at the end of the survey is fully automated and will only be known by you.

You may hold on with the compilation at any time and recover the answers already inputed by selecting “Resume later” on the top right of the screen.

An important side note: this self-evaluation tool is still in beta version. Thus, we apologize in advance for any involuntary problem and cordially invite you to send your feedback to the following email address:

Legal Notice. In case you decide to reply using the "Resume later" facility displayed on the top right menu we will temporarily store in our electronic archives (permanently located at in Portugal) both the responses received so far and email address you will be using for the purpose of saving those responses for further revision. All the above personal data and information will be deleted after you have confirmed and uploaded the final version of your replies to this questionnaire. For any clarification regarding the above statement and to receive the confirmation of your individual rights according to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) you can always send an email to